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Harbor Seafood started in 1975, driven by the passion of its founder Pete Cardone. His philosophies are at the core of our company, which is why Harbor Seafood is MORE than just a seafood company. Harbor Seafood is about our people, sustainable fishing and trust.

We partner with fishing communities to teach sustainable fishing methods that bring quality seafood to our customers. We focus on seafood traceability and eco-friendly initiatives to ensure seafood for future generations. Helping fishing communities prosper goes further than purchasing the fish they catch. It is about providing knowledge, knowhow, and training which helps the community to flourish. We take pride in the work we are all doing together.

For many years, Harbor Seafood has and continues to be the source chefs TRUST! The combination of our diligent measures in sourcing has built the foundation for us to introduce to you, Harbor to Home. Harbor to Home gives you the peace of mind that you are investing in something more than your next meal. It is a commitment to quality seafood that is responsibly sourced and improves the lives of everyone throughout, from the fishermen to our customers.